Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deborah Messing/Megan Mullally ~ Will & Grace outtake ~ Karen explores the mysteries of Laura er fondles Grace's boobs

Ars gratia artis ...

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Valerie Perrine ~ Steambath (1973) PBS

Steambath is the second play by American author Bruce Jay Friedman. It was first performed Off-Broadway at the Truck and Warehouse Theater where it opened on June 30, 1970, closing on October 18, 1970 after 128 performances.

The play was then produced for PBS in 1973 with José Pérez playing God, Bill Bixby playing Tandy, and Valerie Perrine as the blonde bombshell Meredith. Only 24 PBS affiliates carried the program.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Marlyn Mason/Sherry Miles ~ Making It (1971) / Marlyn Mason ~ Model Rules (2008) / Viveca Lindfors ~ Tabu (1977)

37 years between nude scenes for Marlyn ie '71 to '08 which may be a record.

Interesting MrSkin doesn't have a profile page for Marlyn as he/they must not be that interested in her er/or vintage nudity from back in the day. Full disclosure yes, it's true lol as I actually joined MrSkin for one month ie March 2002 only to find out their RealTime/Quicktime caps at the time were crappier than mine!

marlynmason_makingit_1971.jpg * Marlyn Mason ~ Making It (1971)

sherrymiles_makingit_1971_shiloh.jpg * Sherry Miles ~ Making It (1971)

marlynmason_modelrules_2008_shiloh.jpg * Marlyn Mason ~ Model Rules ~ (1971)

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Also, Marlyn's Making It's love interest Kristoffer Tabori's mother, Viveca Lindfors, did a full frontal nude scene when she was 57 in Tabu/Taboo.

viveca-lindfors-x.jpg * vivecalindfors_ronaldreagan.jpg * viveca_lindfors_lena_tabori_8-6_shiloh.jpg * tn-vivecalindfors_tabu_1977_shiloh.jpg * tn-vivecalindfors_lickasjoman_tabu_1977_shiloh.jpg

Viveca Lindfors/Licka Sjoman ~ Tabu (1977)

Viveca Lindfors/Licka Sjoman ~ Tabu ~ depositfiles ~ 23.6 MB rar